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Gain clarity, clear obstacles holding you back, and realize your goals

Power to Attorney

Powerful Clarity for Lawyers

Power to Attorney is for you, if you are a highly sensitive or empathic lawyer who has decided that enough is enough.

You’ve already spent too much time weighted under the burden of too much work, and are not seeing enough money or advancement to compensate for all the pressure. It’s time for a change. Perhaps you are not sleeping well or are suffering from anxiety, headaches, or digestive issues.

Power to Attorney is for you when you’ve decided you’re worth the investment of 45 minutes a week in to advance and move forward.

One-on-one coaching and the program’s unique LIFT framework puts you in a strong position to realize your goals and thrive in both the legal profession and in your personal life.


Helping high achievers overcome limiting thoughts and beliefs

When you’re sick and tired of letting limiting thoughts stop you from realizing your goals, I invite you to turn to Mindflow.

Mindflow is a one-on-one coaching program designed to support you in overcoming barriers that stand between you and what you desire. It is designed to help you realize your relationship, family, professional, and personal goals.

In weekly 45-minute sessions you learn how to replace limiting thoughts with expansive beliefs. With this skill you propel yourself towards your goals, instead of feeling frustrated or anxious at not being able to achieve what you truly want, or even know what it is that you are looking for.

Special Journals & Gift Certificates

Looking for a special journal or notebook? Choose between a variety of unique journals, from the serious to the whimsical.

Healing & Access Bars

When you want to reduce stress and worry, and increase focus and productivity

Healing helps remove stress from your body, including tight and painful muscles, anxiety, suppressed feelings, and negative thoughts. Healing helps restore balance and calm, and attract positivity and abundance into your life. It helps you feel less anxious and worried.

Access Bars helps you sharpen your focus, calm, clarity, and creativity. Because of this, I generally encourage my clients to use Access Bars when they are learning new skills.

Energy travels, meaning that both Healing and Access Bars are effective remotely as well as in-person.

Choose between a one-off appointment or multiple sessions. While a single session offers benefits, regular treatments provide deeper and longer-lasting results. I invite you to speak with me with your questions.

Your options:

  • One-off session: 70 USD / 250 NIS – with a one-off session you are gifted a second, remote session free of additional charge to be used within 7 days of your initial session
  • Weekly sessions: 50 USD / 150 NIS per session – to be purchased in monthly packages

Human Design

Improve your relationships & strengthen your decision-making and marketing skills

Human Design is a powerful tool for understanding yourself in a deep way so you can embrace your uniquenesses as strengths to leverage, rather than weaknesses holding you back.

Human Design is particularly useful in understanding how to make accurate decisions and communicate effectively on a consistent basis, based on your own unique chart. As marketing is a form of communication, Human Design is also extremely useful for learning how to market yourself and your business in a way suited to your own unique personality.  

Choose between a Human Design consultation for yourself, for your business, for you and your spouse, or for you and one or more other family members.

Before your consultation, you are invited to submit as many questions as you would like, to have answered through the lens of Human Design. This is a fabulous way of gaining clarity and skills in connection with issues that are important to you in your life.

Your options:

  • 60 minute consultation for yourself: 100 USD / 350 NIS
  • 60 minute consultation focused on your business: 150 USD / 500 NIS
  • 90 minute consultation focused on you and your partner or spouse: 150 USD / 500 NIS
  • Consultation focused on you and one or more specific family members: time and price dependent on the number of family members

Bach Flowers

Natural support for adults, children, and animals

Bach Flowers are natural flower tinctures that bring out your best qualities.

They help you increase motivation and energy, fight procrastination, decrease fears and worry, point you in the right direction, feel less anxious, and gain clarity around your goals. My specialties include helping my clients sleep better with Bach Flowers, as well as feel less anxious.

Bach Flowers are gentle enough for children. They help children overcome fears, anxieties, anger, and disappointment, and tendencies towards outbursts. It is important to stress: Bach Flowers do NOT change a child’s personality, they merely bring out their best qualities.

When given to animals, including cats and dogs, Bach Flowers help decrease anxiety, increase calm, and help the animal move beyond past traumas and adjust to current situations (very relevant for rescue animals!).

Choose between a custom-formulated Bach Flower combination (you receive a Bach Flower formula created especially for you) and an off-the-shelf formula (saving you time and money).

Your Bach Flower choices

Off-the-shelf Bach Flowers save you time and money because all you do is order a bottle and I send it to you!

Please note for off-the-shelf formulas: (1) you need to fall into the profile for which the formula is intended if you expect it to work, and (2) no off-the-shelf product (Bach Flower or otherwise) works for everyone. That is why some people select custom-formulated Bach Flowers instead.

If you want an off-the-shelf formula, please let me know your choice (and if you’re not sure, I can suggest) and I will send your Bach Flowers to you.

Custom-formulated Bach Flowers are for when you want a combination designed especially for you. ❤️

How it works: we have a conversation, either by Zoom or in-person, and then I create your Bach Flower formula aimed at helping you reach your goals. Then, when you’ve nearly finished that first bottle, we have another conversation, I create you a new formula, and so on and so forth for as long as you wish to keep taking Bach Flowers.

Your options:

Bach Flower consultation + 60 mL bottle – 250 NIS

Three Bach Flower consultations + three 60 mL bottles (one bottle following each consultation) – 600 NIS

60 mL bottle should last for about 6 weeks if taken as directed.

Add shipping within Israel of 40 NIS per package

Bach Flowers: off-the-shelf options

Power Formula: get sh*t done! Take Power Formula to reduce procrastination and avoidance, increase motivation, and get done what you need to get done.

Stress Formula: reduce feelings of pressure, fear, and overwhelm. Feel less anxious. Sleep better at night and calm down faster after bad dreams or nightmares. Fantastic for teen-agers (and everyone else!) during exam periods, to reduce the stress and increase focus and clarity.

Calm Birth Formula: when you feel scared at the thought of childbirth. Allows you to be more present, calm, and relaxed. The perfect gift for the expectant mother – you or someone else! Use it from the first weeks of pregnancy through to labour and giving birth.

Magic Birth Formula: helps you release traumas connected with previous difficult birth(s). Supports you in releasing fears around your present birth, so you feel calmer and more present. Another perfect gift for expectant mothers. Use it from the first weeks of pregnancy through to labour and giving birth.

Your options:

30 mL bottle – 80 NIS

60 mL bottle – 150 NIS

Add shipping within Israel of 40 NIS per package

Bach Flowers for Animals

When you want Bach Flowers for your cat, dog, or other animal, you tell me all about your animal, both past and present, and then based on what you tell me I create a custom-formulated Bach Flower combination especially for your furry friend.

Not sure how you’ll give Bach Flowers to your furry friend? Click here for instructions on giving Bach Flowers to your cat. The same principles apply also to dogs and other animals.

Your options:

60 mL bottle – 100 NIS

Three 60 mL bottles – 240 NIS

Add shipping within Israel of 40 NIS per package

Other Bach Flower options

Sometimes when you are using a custom-formulated Bach Flowers you’d like to get another bottle of the same formula, because it works so well.

And at other times you want a single-formula Bach Flower tincture, and you know what that tincture is.

In both cases, the price is:

30 mL bottle – 60 NIS

60 mL bottle – 100 NIS

Add shipping within Israel of 40 NIS per package

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