What is Access Bars?

An Access Bars session

What is an Access Bars session?

The simple answer to “What is Access Bars?” is this: an Access Bars session involves activating energy centres in your head, helping you focus, learn, and solve problems more effectively.

A typical Access Bars session takes anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour, depending on the purpose of the appointment you’ve booked with me.  

And when you want to reap the benefits but can’t make it to my clinic, you can book a remote Access Bars session instead. More details on distant Access Bars is here

What do you do during an Access Bars session? 

More about what is Access Bars: during an in-person Access Bars session, you lie on your back on a massage table. I sit in a chair at the head of the massage table, and lightly touch or massage energy points on your head. 

Most clients describe the experience as very pleasant and relaxing. 

Some people like to chat with me during an Access Bars session, whether about day-to-day events or deep and personal issues. Others prefer to doze off instead. And all are totally fine. Remember: this is your session, time, and experience, so use it as you wish.  

How does Access Bars help?

Focus and creativity 

Activating energy centres in your head through an Access Bars treatment is beneficial in many ways. 

A significant result of having an Access Bars treatment is enhancing your focus, creativity, and ability to learn effectively. As an Access Bars professional, I whole-heartedly recommend having Access Bars to support your efforts to advance at work and in your studies. 

Learn better 

This benefit is why I always begin my private English classes with an Access Bars treatment (unless my student prefers Healing to Access Bars, in which case it’s Healing instead). 

My experience is that my students advance much faster when they start their private English class with an Access Bars session. My students tend to absorb more in half an hour of studying following an Access Bars session than they would have in 45 minutes without Access Bars.  


I also suggest you take advantage of Access Bars when faced with a problem you need to solve, including when there is no obvious solution to the problem. 

This is because when you are focused, creative, and confident, you become more effective in resolving complicated and seemingly hopeless problems. And Access Bars is a simple, easy, and pleasant way of getting that focus, creativity, and confidence. 


And … huge bonus: Access Bars is relaxing and pleasant. Indeed, many of my clients come for Access Bars sessions solely for the calming effect, rather than for professional benefits. 

One of my clients told me many years ago how after a single Access Bars treatment with me, her migraines stopped. Now, I was told this by only one client so I’m certainly not going to promise this as an Access Bars result. However, I bring this up to show the incredibly profound effects that are possible with energy work. 

Here’s a link to some of the other great things clients have said about Access Bars. 

Remote sessions 

In addition to in-person Access Bars sessions at my clinic, I also offer Access Bars treatments remotely. 

Remote sessions are great when you are too busy to leave the office or the house to get to me. It’s also a great solution when we are far away from one another, whether in different cities, countries, or continents. 

What is a remote Access Bars session?

During your remote Access Bars session, I send you Access Bars energy to wherever you are. 

The nuts and bolts of how it works: during your distant Access Bars session you can relax in a chair or in bed (if you’re able to do this, I recommend it), or else go about your day as you normally do. 

In both cases you receive the full benefits of the Access Bars energy. 

I recommend you rest in a chair or in bed during your session because relaxation is so healthy. Resting supports your brain, improving your focus, creativity, confidence, and more effective learning. Therefore, relaxing during your Access Bars session helps you enhance your results.  

How often do I need Access Bars?

You can have a single session, and it will help. And you can also book sessions on a regular basis, and it will help more. 

The principle with Access Bars is the same as for massages, acupuncture, diets, and going to the gym. Doing a little is way better than nothing, and consistency leads to superior and longer-lasting results. 

What does this mean in practice? It means I have Access Bars and Healing clients I see only once a month or less, and others that book each week. And they all show improvement. 

I support my clients

Supporting my clients is extremely important to me. One way I provide support is through pricing, meaning that my clients who show up every week for Access Bars or Healing, whether remotely or in-person, enjoy a special price. 

I also offer the option of combining Access Bars with Bach Flowers.

Contact me

If you have questions, you can contact me here

And if you want to book a session, here’s the link

Have a wonderful day, filled with focusing on your goals and ambitions. 

~ Sat-Sung

A client at the end of an Access Bars session
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