Sleep naturally, without drugs or medication

Sleep better without drugs or medication

After a great sleep, your entire world looks rosier. You are sick less frequently, advance faster at work, are more present with your family, feel less anxious and more self-confident, enjoy better strength and energy, are a better manifester, and over-all enjoy life more.

An easy-peasy way to sleep better without drugs or medication is to combine lavender essential oil and Stress Formula. 

I use this combination when I want to fall asleep faster, stay asleep for longer, and sleep more soundly. Without drugs or medication. And I recommend it to many of my clients.*

A huge additional bonus: it smells beautiful. 

* To see when I recommend Stress Formula, and when I suggest a custom-formulated Bach Flower combination, check this out on sleeping better with Bach Flowers.

By the way, to be clear: I am not against sleep medications. In certain cases they are very useful. My personal view of the world is simply that if there is a natural, drug-free solution available, I would generally prefer to use it. And that is my view. If your view is different, you do you 🌸

Deets: Lavender Oil and Stress Formula

So let’s dig in a bit more to this easy-peasy sleeping combination:

Lavender oil is a type of essential oil. 

Essential oils are concentrated liquids containing specific plant extracts. They are concentrated sources of certain beneficial compounds. 

Lavender essential oil is made from flowers and stems of lavender plants. It is frequently used as a sleep aid due to its calming effect on the nervous system and how it can reduce restlessness without drugs.

I frequently use Doterra essential oils, and I recommend them. I find them to be of higher-quality than many of the other essential oils out there.

To order Doterra essential oils, speak with me.

Stress Formula is a combination of several different Bach Flower essences. 

Bach Flowers are natural flower tinctures made from flowers and blossoms of English wildflowers. They are used to balance moods and thoughts, and bring out your best qualities. I use Bach Flowers to help adults, youth, children, and animals. 

Bach Flowers are great for reducing worry, anxiety and procrastination, and increasing motivation, energy and productivity.    

Stress Formula is designed to reduce tension and worry. Many of my clients take Stress Formula in the evening and at bedtime to help them fall asleep faster, sleep more deeply, and avoid nightmares. 

Bach Flower remedies are natural tinctures made from flowers and blossoms

Although both Bach Flowers and essential oils are made from plants, they work differently from one another. Therefore, they combine wonderfully, for they complement and support one another.

Improve your sleep naturally

To improve your sleep naturally without drugs or medication, combine the following in an essential oil diffuser or on a facecloth or tissue: 

If you are using a diffuser, add water to the lavender/Stress Formula mixture and place it in your bedroom. 

If you are using a facecloth or tissue, place it on or beside your pillow. 

In both cases, inhale the calming scent of the lavender as both the essential oil and the Bach Flowers help you calm, relax, and drift off to a deeper, more fulfilling sleep. 

Sweet dreams! 

Want more deets or to order? Send me a message.

Have a wonderful day and a beautiful, restful night. Naturally, without drugs or medication❤️

~ Sat-Sung

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