Why doesn’t Rescue Remedy work for everyone?

“Why doesn’t Rescue Remedy work for everyone?” is a common question. 

And a good one! 

What is Rescue Remedy?

Rescue Remedy is the most famous Bach Flower remedy. It is widely available in pharmacies, health food stores, and sometimes even supermarkets.  

Rescue Remedy is intended to help relieve feelings of shock, stress, anxiety, worry or tension, especially when these feelings are fleeting or transitory. 

For example, you can take Rescue Remedy during any of these situations: 

  • before an exam or job interview, 
  • before making a difficult phone call, 
  • after an upsetting conversation, 
  • when you can’t fall asleep because you feel anxious or worried, or 
  • if you’ve had a bad dream. 

Why doesn’t Rescue Remedy work for everyone?

So back to the question – if Rescue Remedy is so terrific, why doesn’t it work for everyone?

Great question, and here’s the reason why: 

What are Bach Flower remedies?

As background, Rescue Remedy is a mixture of five different Bach Flower remedies. 

Bach Flower remedies, also called Bach Flower essences or simply “Bach Flowers”, are natural flower essences derived from English wildflowers. There are 38 different tinctures in the Bach Flower set. Each of these natural essences is used to treat different types of thoughts, feelings, and moods. 

For instance, the Bach Flower Olive is frequently used for exhaustion, Larch for self-confidence, Walnut during periods of change or transition, and Beech for feelings of annoyance. 

I use Bach Flowers to help my clients with worry, stress, overthinking, sleep problems, and procrastination. When they take their Bach Flowers as directed, their issues are relieved and they feel more motivated, energetic, positive, and unblocked. 

I also help my clients’ pets with Bach Flowers. Dogs and cats experiencing fear or anxiety respond well to Bach Flower remedies. 

Back to Rescue Remedy

Now back to Rescue Remedy and why it doesn’t work for everyone. 

The simple answer is that Rescue Remedy contains only five of the 38 different Bach Flowers. Dr. Edward Bach (the creator of the Bach Flower system) selected the five (Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Impatiens, Clematis, and Rock Rose) because of their synergy and effectiveness in calming many types of temporary or short-lived stress and shock. 

That Rescue Remedy contains only five of the 38 Bach Flower essences is why Rescue Remedy doesn’t work for everyone. 

Look at it this way: if you need one or more of the five, then taking Rescue Remedy will help you feel better. 

However, if the five are not the tinctures you need, but rather you require one or more of the other 33 remedies, then Rescue Remedy is not the answer for you at that time. Instead, you could be helped by a custom formula (which is a formula made especially for you). 

That is why some people say that Rescue Remedy is the best thing on earth, and others complain that it is useless. Both statements are 100% correct, depending on the person and the situation.  

Stress Formula

I have created a formula similar but different to Rescue Remedy, called Stress Formula. My clients use it in a parallel fashion to Rescue Remedy. 

For instance, I have clients that take Stress Formula prior to (and during) tests and exams, before job interviews, when they can’t sleep, when they keep waking up at night, when they’re having a tough day at work or at home, and when their kids are cranky. 

Stress Formula can also be helpful for cats and dogs. I put Stress Formula in the drinking water I leave out for the stray cats in our neighbourhood.  

For the same reasons described above for Rescue Remedy, Stress Formula works for many people but not everyone. Again, for the same reasons, sometimes a custom-formulated Bach Flower mixture is the appropriate solution instead. 

Questions about this or anything else? I’m here!    

Have a wonderful day, filled with calmness, motivation, and positivity.

~ Sat-Sung

Me with my set of beloved Bach Flower remedies
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