What replenishes your energy?

How does this apply to you?

What do you do to replenish your energy?

Everyone is different. Something that replenishes your energy may deplete another’s, and the other way around.

What replenishes your energy?

Compile a list

Compile a list of things that fill you with energy. It may be walking, watching a movie, talking with friends, playing with your kids, eating a salad, a steak, nuts, lemon curd (that’s me!) sitting, meditating, Bach Flowers (that’s also me!) playing soccer, reading a book, watching a movie, composing poetry, teaching a course, learning from a course, swimming, organizing, messing up a space, playing cards, yoga, juggling, whatever, you get the idea, just compile your own personal list.

Replenish your energy!

Now keep this list handy, for whenever you’re wanting to feel more energetic. All you need to do is choose something from the list.

Because when you’re in the moment of feeling depleted, it’s not always that case that you’ll be in the place to make up the list (unless you’re a person for whom this would be an energizing task!)

And keep adding to the list.

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