Private Sessions

When you work with me for either Bach Flowers or Human Design, you have the choice of both private sessions and Grab-and-Go solutions. Both are great, depending on what you’re looking for.

Private, one-on-one consultations are best when you want bespoke services specially tailored to fit your unique needs, and when you value caring, personalized support.

I offer private sessions by Zoom, telephone, and in-person. Choose what suits you best.

Have you lost your balance or are you being pulled in too many directions?

Types of private sessions

The two main types of private sessions you can choose to have with me are Human Design and Bach Flowers.

I also offer private sessions for energy work including Access Bars and Healing. I invite you to speak with me if you’d like more details about this.

Want to learn more about Grab-and-Go solutions? You can choose Grab-and-Go for Bach Flowers, Human Design, essential oils, and whimsical and practical journals, notebooks, and doodlers.

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