For powerful manifestation, choose your words carefully

I’m currently reading a book about being more open to allowing, receiving, and powerfully manifesting what you want in life. 

What do your words really mean?

In this book, the authors stress how important it is to be fully aware of the meaning of the words you use. This is because when you speak precisely, you manifest what you want in life more easily and effectively.

As an example, the authors warn against using the word “want”. Reviewing dictionary definitions, they explain how “want” means both “desire” and “lack”. Thus, when you say you “want” something, it reinforces that you don’t have it. Declaring that you “want” that beautiful amethyst you see in the window of the crystal shop merely emphasizes that you lack it. And you will continue to lack it.

Similarly, the authors explain that the word “passion” originates from the Greek term for “suffering” and “martyrdom”. Therefore, best to avoid “following your passion” lest you inadvertently manifest yourself a dose of suffering and martyrdom (unless of course that’s your jive, in which case go for it as long as it’s not hurting anyone else). Instead of “following your passion,” the authors suggest “following your love.”

For powerful manifestation, choose your words carefully

I resonate with this book and this line of thinking. For what we say to ourselves and how we say it is so very important. And the more carefully we choose what we say, the more powerful our manifestation can be. This is why in my Mindflow one-on-one coaching program which is designed one-on-one coaching program designed to help you in overcome barriers that stand between you and what you desire, I emphasize (among other things) the use of specific, precise language.

This is because how you speak deeply affects how and what you manifest in your life. Choose your words carefully, and more powerful manifestation is in your hands.

However, I diverge from the authors in certain areas. For instance, the dictionary definition of words is not decisive for me. Rather, what the word means to you personally is more meaningful. What others (including dictionary editors) may tell you about a word is an interesting perspective, but of distant secondary importance. This same principle is true for most types of healing.

An exercise in manifestation

I’d love to share with you a humourous example of the power of words. It’s something that happened yesterday, and I’m still smiling about it.

I decided to try one of the book’s exercises. The exercise I tried out is aimed at helping you become greater than you were the previous day. The technique is simple, consisting of choosing “to become bigger” than you’d previously been willing to be.

Sounds cool, I thought as I read, and decided to try it out. It was a good fit, for I can get stuck in my comfort zone and (almost) always appreciate a push to help me move beyond. Indeed, that’s why I created Power Formula, to help me move beyond my comfort zone and get things done.

Powerful manifestation

So yesterday morning I began meditating on becoming bigger. I continued to meditate on this thought throughout the day – becoming bigger.

The timing of the exercise was fantastic, for that evening I was scheduled to lecture to a group. I felt nervous about it because the talk was longer than I was used to, to a bigger group than normal, and at an unfamiliar location. All of which necessitated me moving beyond my comfort zone.

By the end of the day I felt happy that I’d done the exercise from the book, for it helped me tremendously. My talk went great, and I did feel bigger than I had been the previous day.

However, a weird thing also happened yesterday. What it was is that I couldn’t stop eating. I ate compulsively from morning until night. Now, full disclosure, I can be quite the emotional eater so it’s not like the concept of eating when I’m not hungry is not unknown to me. However, yesterday was something else – what was going on was not normal!

Our words create our reality

Then, this morning, as I was lying in bed before getting up, it struck me. Our words do create our reality!

Consider yesterday.

I spent the day manifesting myself becoming bigger. So why was I surprised when I began eating non-stop? After all, all this snacking was indeed helping me become bigger. A bigger size, that is!

This thought caused me to giggle out loud. Isn’t it great how manifestation has such a wonderful sense of humour?

Keep on manifesting!

No question about it, I’m going to keep on powerfully manifesting. Along with that, I’m also going to be more careful with my words. Including no longer using the term “become bigger” as a synonym for “moving outside my comfort zone.”

If you’d like to work with me to strengthen your manifestation skills, consider Mindflow. Mindflow is an amazing program for high achievers who find themselves stuck in one or more areas of their lives. Mindflow teaches you how to replace limiting thoughts that hold you back with expansive beliefs that powerfully manifest you forward. With this, the anxiety and frustration at not reaching your goals (or even knowing what your goals are) start being displaced by feelings of success, clarity, and being more YOU. For after all, to be yourself is the best thing possible. ❤️

Have a wonderful day, full of clarity, powerful manifestation, and success!

~ Sat-Sung

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