What’s an off-the-shelf combination?

It’s a mixture of Bach Flower tinctures, pre-formulated for a specific type of situation.

It’s an extremely convenient solution when you fit the profile matching that particular formula.

What’s best for me?

Off-the-shelf Bach Flower formulas are effective for most, and not all, people in the situation for which the formula is intended.

Pre-formulated products will not help everyone. For that, a custom-formulated Bach Flower tincture is best.

However, if you don’t want a consultation, and you fit the profile for the relevant off-the-shelf Bach Flower combination, this could be the best choice for you.

To learn more about what’s best for you, check this out.

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1 – 15 mL bottle – 90 NIS

1 – 30 mL bottle – 110 NIS

3 – 15 mL bottles – 180 NIS (mix and match as you wish – great when you want a bit of everything, or when you want to give tinctures to different members of your family) 

Add 15 NIS per bottle for delivery, 25 NIS delivery for 3 bottles purchased together.

All prices are for payment by Bit, Paybox, cash. Add 10% for payment by credit card or PayPal.


Off-the-shelf Bach Flower tinctures are available only in Israel. 

Power Formula

Power Formula helps when you’re having a hard time getting started, or when you don’t reach your goals because of inaction.

It doesn’t matter your reason or excuse – procrastination, feeling tired or bored or unmotivated, anxiety, or simply having a hard time getting out of your way or your comfort zone.

Power Formula is for you!

Keep Power Formula around your desk and your computer so that you’re prepared in times of need.

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Stress Formula

Stress Formula helps relax and calm you in challenging and stressful situations.

It reduces worrying, which allows you to focus better when it’s most needed.

Stress Formula is perfect for exams, job interviews, and presentations.

It’s great for children with separation anxiety, whether it’s when you leave them in the other room or at kindergarten.

It also really helps your teenager before tests and exams.

It’s terrific for everyone before bed so you fall asleep faster and sleep more restfully.

Make sure to always have Stress Formula in the house and in your bag so you have it handy in times of need.

Calm Birth Formula

Calm Birth Formula is perfect when you are feeling fearful at the thought of childbirth.

It helps calm you, allowing you to be more present and relaxed.

The perfect gift for the expectant mother – whether it be you or someone else!

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Magic Birth Formula

Magic Birth Formula helps you release traumas connected with your previous difficult birth(s).

It also supports you in releasing fears around your present birth, so you feel calmer and more present.

Another perfect gift for expectant mothers.

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