Choose between a wide range of notebooks, journals, and doodlers.

Don’t see what you want? No problem! I create special-order notebooks, journals, and doodlers.

This is how it works:

  1. You tell me about your idea.
  2. If it strikes my fancy (and most do!) I create it for you without charge.
  3. You order the final book from the Amazon platform.

This is a great personalized product if you’re organizing swag for a conference, party, etc.

Bach Flower Journal for Goal-Setting

Track your goals for three different Bach Flower formula bottles.

Doorknocker Dreams

Perfect for jotting down thoughts and ideas; check out the  Auryn symbol (from the NeverEnding Story) on the back cover.

Gratitude Journal

Record your gratitude for a year. ❤️

Cycling Journal for those that love life

The most beautiful and inspiring cycling journal ever.

Dog Lover’s Notebook

Cute cover, unadorned lined pages inside.

Cat Lover’s Notebook

Suave cover; adorable lined pages inside with cute little cat drawings.

Dublin Doors Notebook

Great for note-taking and list-making.

Unicorns for Kids at Heart

Big blank pages for free-form drawing. Each page contains a small and adorable unicorn drawing.

Book of Prompts

Designed for creative Jewish women. Beautiful, full-coloured internal pages. A stunning gift for yourself or the woman in your life you love.

Unique Feather Notebook

Facing pages contain interesting feather-themed quotes, tidbits, and sketches.

Girl Power – Yellow

Inspirational and empowering for girls of all ages. In both English and Hebrew (notebook opens in both directions).

Girl Power – Orange

Inspirational and empowering for girls of all ages. In both English and Hebrew (notebook opens in both directions).

Bach Flower Practitioners

Record which Bach Flower formulas you give your clients, and why. In both English and Hebrew.

מטפלי פרחי באך

רשמו אילו נוסחאות פרחי באך אתם נותנים ללקוחות שלכם, ולמה. באנגלית ועברית

Believe in Magic Journal

Unlined pages in a rainbow of stunning colours and designs. Unleash the magic in your heart.

Gift Certificates

A discerning, caring, and unique gift.

What are you waiting for?

It’s time for you to swap stress for sparkle and success and go for your goals!

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