Entering a “new normal” with Bach Flower essences

A “new normal”

For several months now our lives have been incredibly disrupted because of COVID-19. We have watched loved ones fall ill, been at home with our kids, partners and pets 24/7 (or else haven’t seen them at all because of working extra-long and extra-hard), lost jobs or businesses, salaries and wages, and every single of our routines has been disturbed and disrupted. What we’d really like is a way to make this change easier for us, including getting accustomed to this new normal.

Make change easier

And now, finally, things are slowly inching forwards towards a new normal. Notwithstanding this progress, we’ll likely still be with masks, gloves and social distancing for some time, and serious fall-outs from this period will continue to weigh on our shoulders.

Bach Flowers for a “new normal”

Luckily, Bach Flower remedies, with their ability to help us balance our thoughts and emotions, and through this, our lives, can help ease the transition and make change easier.

Following is a brief description of five of the Bach Flower essences that you may find helpful to make change easier while moving towards a new normal.


Walnut assists with change and transition by encouraging forwards- rather than backwards-gazing. With Walnut’s protection we are less influenced by others, including being affected less by others’ fears and stresses. All of this can be a tremendous comfort and of huge assistance when passing through charged times such as those in which we currently find ourselves.

Red Chestnut

Red Chestnut supports us when our worry for those we love begins to create unhealthy strain or anxiety. Red Chestnut doesn’t cause us to care any less, it simply helps protect ourselves from self-harm caused by our worry. Currently, a good number of us could benefit from some Red Chestnut, between our worries about our parents falling ill, and our children falling behind in their studies.


When we feel so hopeless about our health, business, or financial situation that we no longer see light at the end of the tunnel, and even cease looking for solutions, Gorse can help. Gorse can provide the hope needed to allow us to once more look at the world with optimism and create solutions to our problems. And when we feel optimistic and look for solutions, they tend to appear.


There are many for whom COVID-19 was a beautiful period — time at home with family, a quiet respite allowing for self-reflection and self-development, time to catch up on paperwork and home renovations, and an opportunity to relax and catch up on reading or Netflix. For those falling into this category, the harsh jar of getting back into the swing of things can be softened by Honeysuckle. Honeysuckle helps with transitions by moving us from nostalgic memories to our current situations in the present.


Impatiens is great for those that feel that our transition to a new normal is going slower than it should. Impatiens allows for less irritation and greater patience, the combination of which will make this period easier and more effectively handled.

May this period of transition be smooth for us all, and may we all be healthy, happy, and balanced.

~ Sat-Sung ❤️

If you’d like more information about how to make change easier for you, I invite you to be in contact with me. You can do so through this link here.

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