Bach Flowers for your summer vacation

Summer is here, and you’re on vacation! How exciting.

Take your Bach Flowers on a regular basis to make your summer holiday even better! 

What are Bach Flowers?

Bach Flower remedies are natural tinctures created from wildflowers. You receive them in a bottle similar to that in the photo. 

When you take a few drops or sprays of Bach Flowers several times a day over a period of time they help you feel less worried and cranky, and more calm and relaxed, making your vacation better for everyone😊

How to relax during your summer vacation

It would be great to bring all 38 Bach Flower tinctures with you, but assuming baggage restrictions eliminate this option, here is a selection you might want to consider:


Traveling abroad is both exciting and anxiety-provoking. The Bach Flower Aspen helps with the anxiety. Aspen helps calm your worry, stress, and nervousness so you enjoy yourself more and have a better time with your loved ones. 

Impatiens & Beech 

Long lines drive you crazy? Take a combination of two Bach Flower remedies – Impatiens and Beech. 

Impatiens, as its name suggests, is great for relaxing impatience, and Beech helps with feelings of annoyance. After taking them, that restaurant or amusement park line may be just as long as before, but it’ll likely bother you less. 

Stress Formula 

Stress Formula is a combination of several different Bach Flower tinctures, and is specially designed to help you feel less frantic and act more effectively during challenges situations. 

Take Stress Formula when your flight is cancelled, your luggage lost, or your kids wander away and you have no idea where they are. Always keep a bottle of Stress Formula with you.  


You know how hard it can be to return to school and work after a lovely vacation abroad? I suggest taking the Bach Flower Honeysuckle when this happens and you notice yourself spending too much time reminiscing about your vacation rather than the tasks at hand. Honeysuckle helps keep the past in the past so you focus on the present. 

Enjoy your summer vacation

Summer is here, and with it, opportunities to visit loved ones, both locally and abroad. 

Take full advantage of the opportunity, enjoy yourself tremendously, and have a beautiful summer! And remember to make it even more outstanding with Bach Flower remedies. 

~ Sat-Sung

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Be in contact with me for more details or to book a session. It’s always so lovely to hear from you!

And enjoy your summer vacation❤️

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