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Power to Attorney

Powerful Clarity for Gentle Lawyers

With adversarial environments, high-pressure situations, and frequently-grating personalities, the legal profession is frequently even more overwhelming and demanding for highly sensitive and empathic lawyers, than for other attorneys. For a highly sensitive person (HSP) or empath, these factors create the perfect recipe stress, burnout, and emotional exhaustion.

Power to Attorney is designed for lawyers and legal professionals like you. It is designed to support and assist you in getting out from underneath all of the pressures so that you can realize your goals and thrive in your professional and personal lives.

Through personalized one-to-one coaching sessions and the program’s unique LIFT framework, we work together to identify and dismantle internal blocks that hold you back from being the lawyer and person you wish to be.

Together we help you nurture a new way of experiencing yourself that is more in line with who you truly are. You will be supported in gaining clarity and focus as you realize your goals, and receive personalized strategies for reaching better decisions and communicating more effectively.

Special Journals & Gift Certificates

Choose between a wide range of journals and notebooks that run the spectrum from professional to whimsical and fun.

Give the gift of more with a Gift Certificate for Bach Flowers, Human Design, Healing, Access Bars, or Power Attorney.

Healing & Access Bars

Release the burden and amplify your creativity and focus

Are you struggling with tension and sore muscles, feelings of anxiety, fear or worry, or a lack of creativity or focus?

Healing addresses physical, mental, and emotional stresses that weigh you down. It helps rid you of negative energies, or energies that are not yours, and offers relief from pains induced by anxiety and the suppression of feelings.

By releasing tension and restoring balance, Healing helps alleviate burdens you’ve carried for far too long.

Access Bars works by helping unlock your focus, clarity, and creativity. Through this, Access Bars is an incredible tool to use when you are learning new skills or wanting to remove yourself from challenging situations.

Energy travels, which means that you can take advantage of both Healing and Access Bars from remote or in-person. Choose in-person sessions at my clinics in Pardes Chana or Tel Aviv, or remotely from the comfort of your own location.

You have the choice of a one-off appointment or ongoing sessions. While a single session can offer immediate benefits, regular treatments unquestionably provide deeper and longer-lasting results. Give yourself the gift of sustained transformation as you journey towards greater clarity, purpose, and fulfillment.


  • One-off appointment: (1) In-person in Tel Aviv: 100 USD / 350 NIS (2) Remote session or in-person in Pardes Chana: 70 USD / 250 NIS
  • Weekly sessions: Remote session or in-person in Pardes Chana: 50 USD / 150 NIS per appointment

Human Design

Embrace clarity, connect authentically: enhance decision-making and communication through Human Design

Human Design is an effective way of understanding yourself more deeply so that you are able to make more effective decisions and better actualize your potential.

I offer a variety of different Human Design consultations, depending on your needs and desires. Speak with me if you’re not sure what’s best for you.

For Adults and Teens:

  • Understand yourself better and gain insights into what drives you. Learn to interact with others more effectively and communicate so that others actually hear what you have to say. Discover how to make decisions that align with your authentic self and how to optimize your energy so you free up valuable resources for the things that truly matter to you.

For Couples:

  • Enhance the harmony within your partnership by delving into the individual Human Designs of both you and your partner. Gain deeper understanding and appreciation for each other’s unique qualities. Perfect both for couples who are already getting along and want to get along even better, and also for those experiencing a rocky spot, as the first step towards, or instead of, therapy. Human Design for Couples offers valuable guidance and a path towards greater harmony.

For Families:

  • Human Design for Families allows you to explore the energetic connections between family members, fostering improved communication and empathy. My clients have included a mother and her young son, so she could learn how to communicate with him in a way that he’d listen to her, and a couple and all of their children, so that they could appreciate the energetic connections between them. Human Design offers valuable tools for building a strong and supportive family foundation.

For Business:

  • Unlock the power of Human Design in the realm of business. Discover which types of work are your relationship with your business is also energetic. Learn what types of work are best suited to your unique personality and energetic makeup. Gain clarity on how to effectively manage your current position, even if it may not be an ideal match. Receive invaluable tips on marketing yourself to clients and colleagues, leveraging your strengths in the business world. Align your relationship with your business on an energetic level, paving the way to greater success and fulfillment.


  • Human Design for Individuals: 70 USD / 250 NIS
  • Human Design for Couples: 100 USD / 350 NIS
  • Human Design for Business: 100 USD / 350 NIS
  • Human Design for Families: dependent on the number of family members

Bach Flowers: custom-formulated for adults, children, and animals

To be yourself is the best thing possible

Choose between Bach Flower tinctures for adults, children, and dogs and other animals.

Bach Flowers are natural, gentle, and powerful. They help you eliminate internal blocks that hold you back and keep you from going for the things that really matter to you. Supporting you in gaining clarity about your goals and the motivation to reach for them, Bach Flowers are amazing at reducing stress and overwhelm and helping resolve sleep problems.

For children, Bach Flowers help with fears, anxieties, anger and outbursts. I stress: Bach Flowers do NOT change a child’s personality, they merely bring out their best qualities.

Bach Flowers are incredible for dogs and other animals. They calm fears and anxieties and other emotional upsets that domesticated animals experience without drugs or pills. Please be aware that in many cases an appropriate training program may also be indicated.

When you have a single Bach Flower session it helps, and when you have several sessions it helps far more, with deeper and longer-lasting results. Choose what’s best for you.

Bach Flowers: off-the-shelf formulas

To be yourself is the best thing possible

Off-the-shelf Bach Flowers combinations are great because when you fall into the profile for which they are intended, they save you time (you don’t need a consultation!). Let me know which formula you want (and if you don’t know, I can make suggestions) and I will send you your bottle.

Your choices:

  • Power Formula: get sh*t done! Take your Power Formula to cut your procrastination and avoidance, increase your motivation, and start getting done what you need to get done.
  • Stress Formula: reduce feelings of tension, fear, and overwhelm. Can help you sleep at night and calm down after bad dreams or nightmares. Fantastic for teen-agers (and everyone else!) during exam time, to release the pressure.
  • Calm Birth Formula: perfect when you are feeling fearful at the thought of childbirth. It helps calm you, allowing you to be more present and relaxed. The perfect gift for the expectant mother – whether it be you or someone else! Excellent for any period from the first few weeks through to labour and giving birth.
  • Magic Birth Formula: helps you release traumas connected with your previous difficult birth(s). It also supports you in releasing fears around your present birth, so you feel calmer and more present. Another perfect gift for expectant mothers. Excellent for any period from the first few weeks through to labour and giving birth.
Prices for Bach Flowers
  • A single Bach Flower consultation + one 60 mL bottle of a custom-formulated Bach Flower combination – 250 NIS
  • A series of three Bach Flower consultations + three unique 60 mL bottles (one following each consultation) of custom-formulated Bach Flower combinations – 600 NIS

Sometimes you may have a custom-formulated combination which is working well for you. In such cases, you may wish to order additional bottle of the same custom-formulated combination.

  • 30 mL bottle for 60 NIS
  • 60 mL bottle for 100 NIS
  • Add shipping within Israel of 35 NIS per bottle

If you want a single, specific Bach Flower remedy (and know what it is):

  • 30 mL bottle for 80 NIS
  • 60 mL bottle for 150 NIS
  • Add shipping within Israel of 35 NIS per bottle

Custom-formulated Bach Flower formulas for animals

  • One 60 mL bottle – 100 NIS
  • A series of three 60 mL bottles – 240 NIS
  • Add shipping within Israel of 35 NIS per bottle

Off-the-shelf Bach Flower formulas (Power Formula, Stress Formula, Calm Birth Formula and Magic Birth Formula):

  • 30 mL bottle for 80 NIS
  • 60 mL bottle for 150 NIS
  • Add shipping within Israel of 35 NIS per bottle

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