To be yourself is the best thing possible

Gain Clarity

What stops so many of us from gaining clarity about our goals, moving ahead, and getting to where we want to be, are internal blocks and barriers.

Examples of internal blocks and barriers include FOMO, anxieties, worries and fears about the future, and continuously being burdened by tremendous stress. Other internal blocks and barriers are feeling pressured by never having enough time, as well as feelings of overwhelm, unworthiness, and not being good enough.

Given enough time, internal blocks and barriers can manifest as physical symptoms such as poor sleep, aches and pains, and migraines.

The good news: while internal blocks and barriers can seem overwhelming at times, they frequently are a blessing in disguise. For you always have the power to overcome, work around, and reframe your internal blocks and barriers.

And this is what I’m here for. To help you do just that. ❤️

Clear obstacles holding you back

When you clear your internal blocks and barriers you understand what your goals really are.

And when you gain clarity about your goals, you have the power to create your own reality.

Realize your goals

Your goals may be getting out from under those time and work pressures, being paid more or getting a promotion, increasing your client base, or learning to market yourself better.

Or perhaps it’s enjoying more free time, improving your relationship, learning how to make better decisions or communicating better, or sleeping more and feeling healthier,

And maybe it’s feeling better about yourself, worrying less about what others think, improving your boundaries, and caring for yourself as much as you take care of others.

And for many of us – we’ve become so busy with our day-to-day responsibilities that we’ve lost sight of what our goals actually are.

Whatever your goals, and whether or not you’re aware of them at this point, once you gain clarity about them, you have the power to move towards them and create your own reality.

To be yourself is the best thing possible

Here are some of your options for gaining additional clarity and realizing your goals.

I invite you to see what resonates with you, and to be in contact with me for details.

Power to Attorney

Power to Attorney is for highly sensitive and empathic lawyers who have decided that enough is enough. They’ve already spent too much time weighted under the burden of too much work, not enough time or resources, and insufficient money and advancement to compensate for all the pressure. It’s time for a change.


When you’re sick and tired of letting limiting thoughts stop you from realizing your goals, I invite you to turn to Mindflow. Mindflow is designed to support you in overcoming barriers that stand between you and what you desire. It is designed to help you realize your relationship, family, professional, and personal goals.

Healing & Access Bars

Healing helps remove stress from your body, including tight and painful muscles, anxiety, suppressed feelings, and negative thoughts. Access Bars helps you sharpen your focus, calm, clarity, and creativity. Because of this, I generally encourage my clients to use Access Bars when they are learning new skills.

Human Design

Human Design is a powerful tool for understanding yourself in a deep way so you can embrace your uniquenesses as strengths to leverage, rather than weaknesses holding you back.

Human Design is particularly useful in understanding how to make accurate decisions and communicate effectively on a consistent basis. As marketing is a form of communication, Human Design is also extremely useful for learning how to market yourself and your business in a way suited to your own unique personality.  

Bach Flowers

Bach Flowers are natural flower tinctures that bring out your best qualities.

They help you increase motivation and energy, fight procrastination, decrease fears and worry, point you in the right direction, and help you gain clarity around your goals. One of my specialties is helping people sleep better with Bach Flowers.

I create Bach Flower formulas for adults, youth, children, as well as for cats and dogs and other animals.

Gift Certificates & Special Journals

Looking for a special journal or notebook? Choose between a variety of unique journals, from the serious to the whimsical.

Want a unique gift? Give a gift certificate for Bach Flowers, Human Design, Access Bars, or Healing.


When I came to Sat-Sung I was really skeptical about what I could accomplish with the Mindflow program…Don’t doubt it…It’s work, but Sat-Sung is a compassionate and skillful guide. I was able to identify what was holding me back and draft a clear vision for what I wanted…It was amazing how clear and precise I was able to get with my vision. This made it super easy to develop a vision for my brand and create new offers that are completely aligned with my strengths, passion, and personality…I’m not generally a woo-woo person, but I really got so much out of this that I was able to practically apply to my life and my business. I highly recommend this to anyone that feels like a fog has settled in on their ideas and dimmed their passion for their work. You’ll walk away with a clear vision and a personal mantra that is completely unique to you and will act as your guiding star even months later.


Sat-Sung’s treatments came into my life after a traumatic & uprooting life event, which included finding & moving apartments within a few days. I received a Bach Flower tincture & an Access Bars treatment. After receiving both, I found my dream home the next day. The treatment helped me deeply relax & release a lot of sadness & exhaustion. The Bach Flowers were amazing support to have during that time. I am continuing to use Bach Flowers from Sat-Sung. I highly recommend her treatments & care.


My child in 11th grade uses Sat-Sung’s Stress Relief Formula all the time. It helps him to keep calm and focus during the stressful exam time period. Sat- Sung is also a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend.


With patience and deep care, Sat-Sung was able to push me past the limiting beliefs I had in a relationship I have with a family member and expand my view of the possibility of what it could be and will be one day.

Sat-Sung is extremely professional and creates a non-judgmental and emotionally safe environment.

Highly recommend her for anyone who really wants to generate flow in their lives!


I didn’t believe in energy healing but Sat-Sung really helped me out with a terrible pain in my right shoulder. The next morning, I went back to work feeling much better. I can’t explain how but it did work 🙂 I warmly recommend !


Sat-Sung went above and beyond making Human Design information clear and accessible, while making sure to keep me feeling free to always be the leader of my life. She provided me with clear (and beautiful!) notes based on my chart. She answered each of my specific questions. And, again, rather than telling me, “This is how you must live” (as a former Human Design practitioner did say to me) she said, “You always have free choice” and I so appreciated that.


Thanks to Sat-Sung, I’ve become more secure and confident with myself, my decisions and my abilities. She helped me change my mindset and outlooks regarding different situations. I truly recommend anyone having confidence issues or wants to work on re adjusting the way they view things or situations to definitely work with Sat-Sung. She is super sweet, understanding, thoughtful and kind, and will never judge you! 100% recommend! Thank you Sat-Sung!!!


I highly recommend having a Human Design session with Sat-Sung Kalman Hassid. I recently had a couples/family session. She did all of our charts, individually and combined, and presented it in a way that was so understandable, clear and insightful. It gave me so much clarity about how we each function and why, how we can understand and support each other, and the gifts that we bring out in each other. I especially love the combined readings of me and my children – it was beautiful to see that who we are when we are together is greater than any one of us individually!! An amazing tool for self-understanding and development into more of our fullest selves! And sat-sung brings it with huge knowledge, professionalism, empathy and clarity.


Sat-Sung has helped my dog Junam a lot with Bach Flower formulas. Sadly, Junam has a long history of fears and trauma, but ever since being on Bach Flowers he’s so much better. He’s a lot less scared when he’s taking Bach Flowers and his quality of life is so much better. Sat-Sung is also great to deal with. I see that she really cares about both Junam and myself. She asks questions about Junam and his behaviour so she understands what formula is best for him. I recommend Sat-Sung and her Bach Flowers!


What’s the value of a good night’s sleep? How about the benefit of getting enough hours of rest for the first time in several weeks? To me, solving my sleeping issue is worth a lot! I am very grateful to Sat-Sung for listening emphatically, asking clarifying questions and providing me with the perfect Bach Flower remedy.


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How I can help you

Hello, my name is Sat-Sung. It’s wonderful meeting you.  

Life offers such amazing opportunities for growth and expansion. I am passionate about continuously clearing obstacles from my path, expanding my boundaries, and helping others do the same. To this end I work with a wide variety of techniques and modalities I’ve gathered over the last thirty or so years, not only as an attorney, but importantly, during the times preceding and following that period. My skills and talents include Human Design, CBT techniques, Bach Flower remedies, Access Bars, and Healing.  

In my blog I share with you my passions, what I do and who I am, in the hope of assisting you on your journey.

Read and enjoy. If it inspires you, I invite you to work with me. You can do so in-person in Pardes Chana, or remotely from wherever you are in the world. 

Connecting with me is easy; press the Contact Me button, complete the form, and I’ll get back to you. 

In the News

What are Bach Flower Remedies?

the times of Israel

“Sat-Sung shared that the more she works with Bach Flowers, the more she is excited by the magic they create in people’s lives. Because of their gentle effects they are fabulous not only for adults, but also children, babies, and animals, and demonstrate profound results. She sees that they are terrific as a therapy unto themselves, and also as an accompaniment to other therapies. They are incredibly accessible, simple-to-use, easily available, and of reasonable cost. They are effective with a wide-range of different ailments, and can also be used as a powerful tool in leadership and self-actualization.

“Here are a few case studies of people who have come to her for Bach Flower treatment over the years. The names were changed to protect her clients’ anonymity.”

Sleep Well for Brain Health

hands-on dementia: joining hands, heart, and mind

“Sat-Sung Kalman Hassid, who is a Bach Flower practitioner, was kind enough to share how these remedies can help us sleep better. Sat-Sung stresses that these are general suggestions only. The Bach Flower remedy may vary according to the reason for a sleep issue, however the tinctures suggested below often help with a wide range of sleep problems.

“Impatiens: This Bach Flower essence helps you relax your pace, both physically and mentally. When you slow down, you can fall asleep easier.”

Olive: The Bach Flower Olive helps your body recover when you need extra sleep.”

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