Lost your balance?

Lost your balance, swamped by stress, or don’t sleep well?

Feel overwhelmed, pulled in way too many directions, and have a to-list that stresses you out just by thinking about it?

If you’re missing your mojo and motivation, struggling with procrastination or can’t sleep, speak with me.

I’m here to help you.

A former corporate lawyer, I value practical, effective solutions.

In tandem, I deeply believe in the power of our wise inner voice and self-healing abilities, and help you connect more strongly with both.

Have you lost your balance or are you being pulled in too many directions?

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My clinic in Pardes Chana

Tired and overwhelmed?

Frequently, the key to unlocking your potential and achieving your goals is as simple—and complex—as removing obstacles from your path. Blocks and barriers that show up as any of stress, worry, overwhelm, frustration, procrastination, lack of motivation, anxiety, low self-confidence, unclear thoughts, an overly-busy mind, fatigue, and sleep troubles.

Therefore, moving to a state of vitality, clarity, and achieving your goals means getting rid of blocks and barriers. This is because when your path is clear, you listen to your inner voice better, which in turn improves clarity, energy and self-confidence, and bolsters your personal and professional success.

I am here to support you in this process. This process of clearing obstacles that block your path to success, recognizing and strengthening your positive qualities, listening to and trusting your inner voice, and effectively reaching your goals.

Are you feeling tired, stressed and overwhelmed? Barriers in our path can manifest   as stress, worry, overwhelm, frustration, procrastination, unclear thoughts or a mind that will not quiet down, lack of motivation, fatigue, and sleep troubles

Swap Stress for Sparkle

I understand what you’re going through because I’ve been there.

Moving from a super-stressed lawyer to a sparkle specialist, I’m dedicated to supporting as many people as possible shine their lights brightly and reach their goals.

Let me help you ease the stress, overwhelm, and frustration. Together, let’s clear your path so it sparkles with magical options and fills you with joy.

A woman with a citrine crystal on her forehead - swap stress for sparkle. I  help people shine their light brightly.

I’m Sat-Sung

Life offers such amazing opportunities for growth, expansion, and success in all that we do.

I am passionate about continuously clearing obstacles from my path, expanding my boundaries, and helping others do the same. To this end I work with a wide variety of techniques and modalities. I’ve gathered these tools over the last thirty or so years, not only as an attorney, but also during the times preceding and following that period. My skills and talents include Bach Flower remedies, Human Design, CBT techniques, Access Bars, Healing, and other energy modalities.  

Sat-Sung Kalman Hassid - my approach includes blending professionalism and practicality with care and a personal touch. This is because true change and development requires a combination of talent, care, and understanding.

I have a practical and results-driven approach that blends professionalism with care and a personal touch. I deeply believe that long-lasting and deep progress requires a combination of talent, skills, presence, and understanding.

This is why I ensure each private session is tailored especially to you, and why when you choose a Grab-and-Go solution I invite you to first speak with me, to ensure that the solution truly suits your needs.

This is also why I reached the highest level of practitioner accreditation at the Bach Centre in England, the global center for Bach Flower education. This allows me to both share my wealth of knowledge, and also my dedication to the original, compassionate principles of Dr. Edward Bach.

Speak with me. We’ll tailor a strategy that’s a great match for you and your goals, and help you strengthen your sparkle.

~ Sat-Sung ❤️

Sat-Sung Kalman Hassid - my approach includes blending professionalism and practicality with care and a personal touch. This is because true change and development requires a combination of talent, care, and understanding.
Egrets symbolize new beginnings and positive changes for the better

In the News.

What are Bach Flower Remedies?

the times of Israel

“Sat-Sung shared that the more she works with Bach Flowers, the more she is excited by the magic they create in people’s lives. Because of their gentle effects they are fabulous not only for adults, but also children, babies, and animals, and demonstrate profound results. She sees that they are terrific as a therapy unto themselves, and also as an accompaniment to other therapies. They are incredibly accessible, simple-to-use, easily available, and of reasonable cost. They are effective with a wide-range of different ailments, and can also be used as a powerful tool in leadership and self-actualization.

“Here are a few case studies of people who have come to her for Bach Flower treatment over the years. The names were changed to protect her clients’ anonymity.”

Sleep Well for Brain Health.

hands-on dementia: joining hands, heart, and mind

“Sat-Sung Kalman Hassid, who is a Bach Flower practitioner, was kind enough to share how these remedies can help us sleep better. Sat-Sung stresses that these are general suggestions only. The Bach Flower remedy may vary according to the reason for a sleep issue, however the tinctures suggested below often help with a wide range of sleep problems.

“Impatiens: This Bach Flower essence helps you relax your pace, both physically and mentally. When you slow down, you can fall asleep easier.”

Olive: The Bach Flower Olive helps your body recover when you need extra sleep.”

What are you waiting for?

It’s time for you to swap stress for sparkle and success and go for your goals!

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